“Whatever you are, be a good one”.
Abraham Lincoln


Want to think more psychologically?

Making sense of people’s behaviour is a crucial part of the work of frontline staff in mental health, criminal justice, social work and care settings. Training in psychological approaches will help your staff to better understand the people they work with, and to respond more effectively in their roles. Your organisation could benefit from increased staff knowledge and confidence, and greater resilience to manage work stress.

elucido can provide high quality, evidence-based training or case consultation to your organisation, and will tailor this to your needs and the current knowledge and skills of your staff.

Dr Bruce is experienced in providing case consultancy and liaison to various agencies including mental health services, Probation, Police, Courts and independent organisations.  She has provided training in self harm, effective communication and behaviour management for staff in inpatient mental health services.  In partnership with associates, she has provided bespoke training in personality disorder, sexual offending and child sexual exploitation to Police investigators and social workers.

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