ACT & CBT Therapy

I offer psychological therapy, including ACT and CBT therapy in Manchester for adults experiencing a range of difficulties including depression, anxiety, stress, relationship problems, adjusting to life events, traumatic stress reactions, low self-esteem, self-harm, anger, drug and alcohol problems, and other difficulties.

Therapy for depression

Are you stuck in a pattern of negative thinking?

You might recognise a vicious cycle of feeling down in mood, thinking you’re not good enough, not having the motivation or energy to do things, and then being hard on yourself for not achieving things. This usually leaves people feeling even worse.

If this sounds like something you’re stuck in, then I think ACT will help you. I provide CBT therapy in Manchester for adults.

“Some very successful people experience depression after a significant change in their lives. They often set unattainable standards for themselves, and they find that they can’t solve emotional problems in the same way that they have dealt with other problems.”

Therapy for anxiety

Is anxiety or excessive worry getting in the way of living your life?

Excessive anxiety is a horrible trap. You might work very hard to try to control anxiety, or even to avoid it completely, but it keeps coming back.

Anxiety can lead us to restrict our lives in all sorts of ways, such as avoiding things we want to do or checking things excessively. It can get in the way of relationships and work performance.

There is strong research evidence for ACT and CBT for anxiety difficulties.

“I often work with people who have previously tried traditional CBT for anxiety problems and found it to be of limited help.”

Therapy for trauma and traumatic stress

Are you finding it hard to live with something that has happened to you?

If you have experienced a traumatic event, such as assault, abuse or a serious accident, you might be stuck with a lot of very difficult thoughts and memories. You might feel on guard a lot of the time, and have other strong feelings that cause problems for you.

You might even feel disconnected from other people and the world around you,
or you may be left with permanent physical injuries.

“While these are some of the hardest experiences to cope with, you can learn effective psychological skills to enable you to live with what has happened and experience more fulfillment in your life.”

Booking an appointment

Appointments are available at my city centre consulting rooms Thursdays from 9.30am to 6pm on Deansgate, Manchester.

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